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Sunday, November 16th - Mr. and Miss Gaye USA (DC) Contesta


The 2015 Zodiac Contests Start

The race to fill the Zodiac wheel for the 2015 Zodiac contest will soon start. Who will compete to take the medallion from Miss Gaye Zodiac (DC) 2014, CoCo B. Colby? The Zodiac Signs to be filled starting on February 2nd are:

Capricorn Ashlee Jozet Adams
Aquarius Sebastian J. Adams
Pisces Flynn Colby
Aries Mirage
Taurus Phoenix Rising
Gemini Charity Bhe
Cancer Sam Harris
Leo Chip Blake
Virgo Charles D. Cline
Libra not filled
Scorpio not filled
Sagittarius not filled

Remember that you must sign up with Veronica Blake at least one week before the contest if you want to compete.

Where is  La Cabaņa?

The Academy is moving to a new home starting with our September events!

La Cabaņa is located at 3614 14th Street NW  Washington, DC 20010 and is just a few blocks north of the Columbia Heights Metro stop.




Academy Calendar, Rules, and Miss Gaye America (DC) Files

At the Full Academy meeting on July 16th, we discussed several upcoming events and released the 2013-2014 Season Calendar.  Additionally, the Miss Gaye America (DC) application was made available as well as an updated copy of the Academy Rules and Guidelines.

Need a copy? Click on the links below to download the PDF version of those files.


Current Academy Protocol

Holding  the Academy's highest titles this year are our new 52nd Best Actor and Best Actress Pat Garrett and Sarah Lee Garrett. Congratulations to both for achieving this high honor

Our Academy Protocol for our 52nd Year are (in order of presentation):
Diplomatic Corps  
Academy Honor Guard - American Flag Suga Bottoms
Academy Honor Guard - Gay Pride Flag Chip Blake
Vice-President and Vice-Lady Ash Blake Stephyns and Jillian Kane Jaymes
President Ophelia Bottoms
Crown Holders  
Mr. and Miss Gaye Golden Boy Jack Kazan and Muffy Blake Stephyns
Mr. and Miss Gaye Academy Andy Williams and Cameron Carrington
King and Queen of Hearts Shammy Colby and Charity Bhe
Miss Gaye America (DC) Ophelia Bottoms
Miss Gaye Universe (DC) Sylvia Stallone
Acting Division  
Miss Gaye Zodiac (DC) CoCo B. Colby
Emperor and Empress of the Silver Screen Carlton Stevens and Regina Jozet Adams
His Excellency and The Grande Dame Anthony Dennis and Holli Wood
52nd Gaye Best Actor and Gaye Best Actress Pat Garrett and Sarah Lee Garrett

Get On To The Academy Mailing List

Want to be kept up-to-date with Academy events? If so, subscribe to the Academy Mailing List. This one-way mailing list will be used to distribute  information out to Academy members and friends on Academy events and newsworthy activities. It was generated from the Academy Troop List. If you supplied an email address on the Troop List, you should have received an email from "AcademyofWashington" at our GMail website address.  If you are a member or friend of the Academy on the Troop List and you didn't receive the email, please send an email to Veronica. Several emails have already been returned because of non-existent email addresses.

Not a member of the Academy but would still like to be kept abreast of Academy happenings, send an email to Veronica and she will add you to the "Friends of The Academy" list.


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